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Conservation means

With Care About Our Environment

Adapt a cow

Adoption is another word for love. Take a holy step to adopt a cow and let her be a part of your family.


To bring serenity and happiness into your life, join us in our sacred job and serve the mothers of the herd happily.

Gau Seva

Cow protection entails visiting the abode of Hindu Gods and Goddesses in order to achieve liberation by serving cow or Gau Mata

Welcome To Vrajas Organization, A Protective Shelter For Cows

Rescue, Protect and Feed – the mantra of cow protection in our cow shelter

Vrajas Organization is one of the largest Gaushala in India. We currently operate a Gaushala in Madhya Pradesh, and intend to establish one in Vrindavan (Mathura). We are home to many lovely cows, bulls, and their calves and we are actively working on activities related to food freedom and cow protection. Our mission is to care for and provide shelter for sick, malnourished, and stray Desi cows and bulls, the bulk of which have been left behind by their owners or are being saved from butchers. Cows are extremely beloved to Lord Krishna, hence we greatly believe in respecting and loving them. They are crucial to agriculture and the economy and are seen as mothers to the human society. By protecting cows, we are merely attempting to strengthen our culture, values, and traditions, all of which rely heavily on cows.

We are engaged in

Cow Protection

We employ cutting-edge methods to help safeguard cows, calves, and buffaloes and care for cows by providing them with high-quality feed and housing for their protection.

Food Freedom

We have a strong determination for Food Freedom and want to put an end to hunger by using hydroponics,’ one of the latest vertical farming methods.

Spreading Knowledge

We conduct quality workshops and events to raise awareness among people about the importance of cows and their protection and promote cow-based economy for better lives.

Waste Management Solutions

Our Recycle Program provides educational tools to help you better understand what can and can’t be recycled, so you can be confident you’re doing it properly.

Ecosystem Protection

The adaptation strategies below offer selected strategies and actions that have been identified within EPA resources as having the potential to be used for climate adaptation.

Maintain/Restore Wetlands

Identify and protect ecologically significant ("critical") areas such as nursery grounds, spawning grounds, and areas of high species diversity, prohibit hard shore protection.

Our list of services does not end here. We’ll adapt to your particular needs.

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Energy-Saving Projects

Sustaining and expanding efforts to retrofit existing buildings by supporting energy efficiency improvements.



Wastewater Treatment

Using the natural cycles of plant and animal life instead of chemicals and mechanical systems to process wastewater holds a great deal of attraction.



Forest Protection

Implementing one of the largest logging-ban program in the world, which aims to protect watersheds and conserve natural forests.

Optimizing energy usage from A to Z to increase your energy efficiency

Marine Pollution


Ecosystem Protection


Waste Recycling


Composting for Waste Disposal

Several cities, such as San Francisco and Kamikatsu, Japan, are paving the way for a cleaner future by zeroing in on a zero-waste lifestyle. According to the EPA, food makes up about one-fifth of America’s solid waste. Due to their methane emissions and the lack of viable land to make more, landfills are becoming a big problem.

Carbon Footprints and Climate Change

Crude oil prices and production rates dropping and green/renewable energy gaining popularity illustrate the good news that more Americans have acknowledged our global warming reality and are taking steps to counter it. This shows that big changes happen when we all work together!


Environmental Safety Programs

Sterling Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is responsible for the development and implementation of environmental and all occupational health and safety programs throughout Penn State's multi-campus system. Sterling EHS has three areas of responsibility:


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Get the latest BBC Science and Environment News: world news on global warming, climate change, wildlife, pollution, carbon business and climate politics. As the summer comes to an end, we wanted to look back at the positive environmental stories of the past few months. Finding good news ...


Welcome to Vrajas Organization!


Welcome to Vrajas Organization!

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