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The Board Members

Shyamsundar Das

Mr. Shyamsundar Das – Chairman

He is from Atlanta USA, Lives in Vrindavan, he is Krishna Devotee, and serving in Krishna’s lotus feet from 1995, he is great Technologist as well as Music lover, Piano player, he knows Hindi, English, Spanish Sanskrit.

He designed Super Computer And worked with many Multi national Companies around the world, at present he is CEO of WorldBit which is an upcoming project of blockchain technology.

A very simple living high thinking personality, Feel great by living in Vrindavan and Loves Cows.

Bharti Sharma

Ms. Bharti Sharma – President

She is an experienced radio artist from Delhi and lives in Vrindavan, She has more than 10 years experience with MNCs, 20 Years Experience with Akashwani. Graduate, B.Ed in classical music – vocal, loves nature, and dedicated her life to Shri Radhakrishna Ji’s Lotus Feet. Soft spoken, kind heart and love all

Lavanga Dasi

Ms. Lavanga Dasi

She is Lord Krishna Devotee, and serving in Krishna’s lotus feet since many years.

Mr. Amit Verma – Secretary

He is a business and management consultant with 22 years experience in Business Management, IT, ITES and Electronics.