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What We Do

What We Do?

Vrajas Organization does a lot of activities related to Cow Protection. We use the latest techniques to help protect cows, calves, and buffaloes. We preserve cows, serve them and protect them respectfully with multiple cares, providing high-quality fodder, shelter for their protection, etc.

What We Do

We aim for Food Freedom to eradicate hunger using hydroponics’ latest vertical farming methods.

We conduct auspicious and special activities and projects for various gaushalas on cow protection’s social, biological, and economic benefits. We empower our volunteers to engage in cow protection and activities of gaushala and our non-profit organization. Our volunteers are so dedicated and selfless in their work.

We also engage in providing various other services to conserve and preserve cows and involve in various activities like:

  • Conducting quality workshops and events to raise awareness among people about the importance of cows and their protection.
  • Promoting cow-based community and economy to have better lives.
  • Training and developing volunteers on the auspicious activity of Gau Sewa to gather donations for various projects.
  • Creating larger teams of volunteers to raise awareness based on cow health care and spreading the word about its importance.
  • Spreading awareness among people in India and worldwide on the spiritual aspects of protecting cows.
  • Establishing ayurvedic research centers for preparing medicines with cow dung and urine.

Our directors at Vrajas Organization are goal-oriented and work with many global researchers to address the importance of cow protection. We strongly believe in the significance of protecting cows and how it will help us get several social, economic, spiritual, and biological benefits. We welcome and accept donations and CSR funds of any kind for the betterment of society by promoting cow protection.

Let us build a community together by working hand-in-hand. Help us spread the word on the Vrajas organization, where we have various kinds of gold, silver, platinum, and bronze memberships for which people can show their participation. Our aim is Cow Protection and Food Freedom!!