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Vrajas Organization

As a preeminent organization in India, Vrajas is acutely aware of its social obligations and responsibilities to the nation. We genuinely want to contribute to the welfare of our nation. We are extremely honoured to have our commendable efforts recognised by the Government of India, and our certificates reflect our committed efforts to improve India.

Vrajas Organization Certificates

Vrajas Organization is solemnly working to protect Human Rights. We are certified by National Human Rights Commission, India for our tireless work to ensure everyone’s human rights without any discrimination.
We pledge to protect integrity through our work and activities. We are glad to receive “Certificate of Commitment” from Central Vigilance Commission, India for the commitment to follow moral principles.
Vrajas Organization believes in Women Rights and determined to protect and promote all rights of women. We proudly hold the certificate of “Pledge for Women Rights” from National Commission for Women, India.
We are actively working on the initiative of making TB free India. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India has certified us for our pledge to make #TBMUKTBHARAT
We believe in the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” and eagerly work on the initiatives to keep our country litter-free. We have received a certificate from Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals for our “Anti-Littering Pledge”.